Sunday, October 09, 2011


Between getting the old Jeep ready for sale (wash, wax, remove the stuff that doesn't go with it when it leaves) and getting the new Jeep ready for its first big trip (better headlights, CB install) I am *tired*. So now you know why there's no updates today, not even music.

Note to self: Wall Street is the world's most successful scam, like, evah.

-- Badtux the Tired Penguin


  1. Tell me about Auto o master of snark.
    I've been replacing a Chevy 5.7l in my pickup for what seems like forever.
    I don't work for GM anymore but it used to be a day and a half, out in and running.
    Fired now and on my own at home.
    I am in a crampt hole in a falling down garage. Flashlight in my mouth for most of it.
    Some wild kitty seemed to think my creeper was a toilet.
    I am sooo tired and I still have to hook it all up and start it and check for F'n problems and leaks.
    It's a 93 Truck but it gave me great service for 200,000 plus, it had almost a hundred K when I bought it ten years ago.
    I just hope I got a Good engine and everything else holds on.
    I just don't have $$ for new or credit for used.
    Glad You got a newer rig, I am .
    Hope you get a decent price on your old rig too.
    I wouldn't wish anyone to be in my shoes with this bitch.
    Waiting for the sunshine to warm the dirt outside my hidey hole.
    "High Ho , High Ho, It's off to work I go"

  2. Ah, the pain of selling the old and beloved...

    Back in the '80s we sold an Audi that was about 10 years old with maybe 70,000 miles on it. It had taken me faithfully from my home to work, six or seven days a week... a total of five or six miles each way.

    Then there was the selling of the Toyota 4Runner in the '90s. It had taken us on several "outback" journeys, and was the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. I once drove it from the south San Francisco Bay area to Anaheim without my back complaining at all. (AT ALL!!!!) But it didn't get even decent gas mileage, and toward the end it was a go-to-work-only vehicle.

    Now we face a conundrum. If we're going to build in the Eastern Sierra, as we plan, my beloved 12-year-old Mazda Protege is not a good vehicle. I suspect, ultimately, that we'll replace it with a Subaru. But I'll definitely miss the old girl (and she doesn't even have 100,000 miles on her yet!)

  3. w3ski, bad kitty. BADDdd kitty. Creepers are not toilets!

    Karen, don't underestimate the utility of a front-wheel-drive vehicle in the snow. Your Mazda with snow tires on it will do better than my Jeep with its offroad tires when it comes to snow. Though 12 years old is getting on in car years... basically modern cars are built to last 10 years, and after that things start failing from simple old age. Some cars can be kept running forever because they're simple and it's easy to repair them and substitute new parts for old parts -- e.g., there's a lot of old Jeeps still on the road because they were basically Just Everybody Else's Parts to begin with (i.e., just about everything was shared with some other vehicle -- engines, transmissions, transfer cases, the works), meaning that it's easy to slide *other* parts into the place of failed parts (e.g. w3ski's 5.7L will fit just fine into a Jeep's engine bay, just a simple adapter to attach the 5.7L and its corresponding transmission to the transfer case, a harness transplant, and voila!). Others -- like most Japanese cars -- are pretty much disposable. I see plenty of 70's and 80's Jeeps on the road. I dare you to find a 70's or 80's Mazda anywhere outside a junkyard.

    - Badtux the Car Penguin


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