Sunday, October 30, 2011

The law is for the little people...

not for the cops of the NYPD.

Just following orders? Dude. The NYPD's union is fucking'a righteous. If cops were being ordered to do illegal shit that the cops didn't want to do, you better believe that the union would file grievances out the yinyang. Which they didn't. Why? 'Cause fixing tickets was just fine with the rank and file of the NYPD. Duh.

But let's not forget, the law is for us little people, not for the jackboots. Rule of law? In what country? You mean in Soviet America? Puh-LEEZE....

-- Badtux the Sovok Penguin


  1. Power corrupts. And it doesn't matter if the power is government power or private sector economic power. And this is why the 99% must be vigilant. And also why we must demand a system where it isn't easy for power to be concentrated into the hands of the few.

  2. And it doesn't matter if the power is government power or private sector economic power.

    Exactly. Either way, we face the central problem of anarchy theory: the problem of power. Unfortunately while anarchists correctly identify the problem, their solution (destroy all social structures that can be used to enhance or concentrate power) is unrealistic, in that many of these same social structures result in a much better life for the majority of people and thus the majority of people will not willingly give them up. So the question of how to deal with that central problem is still open... though it is clear that democracy, real representative democracy, would be a huge improvement over the corporate fascism that we have now, where the top 1% basically select their own to run the country (since 50% of Congress is millionaires).

    - Badtux the Power Penguin

  3. Yeah, that is the million dollar question isn't it? What system will work. I mean, I know I want a system that maximizes utility but how to get there? A representative social democracy is the best thing seen so far. But I think we've also seen that even in such a system, power can become concentrated...and blah blah blah. I am going to have to shut up now or else I am going to be up all night thinking about this stuff. Sheesh!

  4. ANY system would work... if you got rid of the assholes. With the assholes, NO system will work very well.

    There is certainly a best system. We're still working that out, because the assholes thrive on compromising that research.


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