Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tired penguin

I'm getting the new Jeep ready for its first offroading trip. This weekend I installed a Hi-Lift jack mount on the tailgate hinges, a CB radio, and a Tuffy Security deck. That's all it needs so that's all it's getting, now it's just pack all the luggage so I can scoot out of town after getting permission from the boss :).

In the process, I baked in the sun, I got sunburned, I had to do some sheetmetal work to make the Tuffy fit, I had to figure out how to get wires from inside my Jeep to the battery so I could power the CB, etc. etc. etc., so I am *tired*. So you'll get no nice post tonight, sorry!

- Badtux the Tired Penguin


  1. The service around here is terrible. I want a refund ;) har har. Seriously though, I have no idea what a Tuffy Security deck is but I am sure it is lovely.

  2. Tuffy Security Deck. It adds a bulkhead and a sliding cover to the back of my Jeep so that I have actual locking storage instead of the open-air smorgasborg for thieves that is a regular old Jeep. You can get into it if you are determined enough, but your average tweaker off the street isn't going to have the patience to do that.

    Installing it, however, was a PITA because my Jeep apparently has fat plastics, and I had to trim the deck a bit with an angle grinder to get it to fit. Oh well. It's part of being a Jeeper, modifying aftermarket parts to fit your Jeep rather than whatever Jeep the vendor used to prototype them, heh.

    - Badtux the Sunburned Penguin
    (hey, it was *HOT* out there today!).

  3. You sound soooo like my husband... the Dodge 250 diesel wasn't complete when we finally got it, it needed a whole load of accessories. In his defense, I must admit that all of the add-ons were for carrying a slide-in camper comfortably, and making the AC to power it conveniently even if we're out in the boonies. I refuse to cook every night, so being able to run a microwave for a short time to heat up leftovers while not at an "improved" campsite is critical. Also critical is the need to unload one's photos onto one's computer at night.

    But, I was out this afternoon running an errand in Silicon Valley, and I certainly wouldn't have wished the weather on anyone working on their vehicle. It's sort of extended summer...

  4. This post needs more pictures!

  5. @Badtux. Ah that seems like a necessary add-on. I sometimes wonder if Chrysler kept their car design engineers in Highland Park (a city so poor they cant keep the streetlights on), if they would think to incorporate things like that in the original design. Probably not I guess.

    @Karen. LOL. I guess working on cars *is* kind of hunky of you stop to think about it. See? Even @leilers wants pictures ;)

  6. I have a High Lift jack, interested in seeing a picture of your mount. I have a real heavy duty come a long also.

    I need a good strong box to put in the bed of the truck, too damn many thieves on this rock.

  7. Do you have a winch on the front?


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