Thursday, October 27, 2011

Non-event of last night

Various folks outside various SFPD police stations were watching to see the SFPD gather. Approximately 400 cops ended up crammed into six buses and a collection of patrol cars and motorcycles and left the Portello Hill station a little before midnight. And... and...


Perhaps the fact that several of the mayoral candidates including the one most likely to win the election were down at the street party that Occupy SF had become had something to do with that -- arresting your future boss is probably bad juju. Or maybe the cops never had any intention of moving in unless things got out of hand, and since the atmosphere from the live cams was more one of a big street party than anything ominous, they shrugged and just kept on driving. Or maybe it really WAS just a training exercise as SFPD is claiming today. I'm sure that there's some news stations disappointed that they didn't get yet more spectacular footage of protesters being gassed, beaten, and critically injured like former Marine Scott Olsen (who apparently is guilty of destroying police property by stopping a tear gas grenade with his head, funny that he survived two tours of Iraq just fine but the Oakland PD puts him into the ICU), but any sane person should be glad that, for once, sanity reigned.

-- Badtux the No-news-was-good-news Penguin

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