Monday, October 31, 2011

I always wondered about that inane grin

And on a more serious note...

-- Badtux the Picturesque Penguin


  1. In this case I don't agree with Lennon.

  2. Some sort of 'special sauce' comment.

  3. Yeah, I have to say there are occasions when violence is justified.

  4. The problem with violence when you are dealing with The State is that all you have is whatever hand weapons you can gather, while The State has tanks, bombs, and atomic weapons. Violence against The State is a loser's game unless you have an external source of support to provide you with weapons and money (since you'll have to somehow pay for the ammo to keep the weapons working), or unless there is a good chance of the security forces of The State coming over to your own side -- in which case they're in the driver's seat, not you, and typically Bad Things Happen (i.e., usually it's *not* an improvement).

    - Badtux the Non-violent Penguin


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