Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nice hat

From the Brooklyn Bridge OWS arrests.

Folks, you attend these things, you, too, can meet cool girls wearing Gir hats who smile for the camera while being arrested :).

-- Badtux the Wistful Penguin


  1. Peaceful protests are not all that effective, but it seems that is what the rich and powerful and our government has brainwashed us into doing, they can control us better that way, back in the good old days they were a lot more effective, but they involved guns and blowing shit up.

    On this date in 1783 the American revolutionary war ended. It’s time to bring out the guns again too get freedom from our current rotten capitalists and government so we can build a better system, or try too, being as this one is proving to not be worth a shit.

  2. ...or you could be arrested by a cool woman in a cop outfit. Either way it is a win!

  3. BBC, violence scares people, and the majority will accept violence as the solution only if they are in danger of dying, even in the American Revolution that you mention less than 1/3rd of the colonists supported the war. Right now, there's not a lot of Americans in danger of dying. Extreme misery, mayhaps, but things are not yet dire enough that the majority would willingly embrace violence. Thus violence at this point would be a losing strategy.

    Lynne, heh. Actually, I tracked down the girl in the Gir hat. Turns out she's an 18 year old college student who went to the Brooklyn Bridge that day to take photos of the protest for her media class (thus the camera straps), she was there more as an observer than as a participant, and she got swept up by the crowd as it marched onto the bridge. The reason she's smiling is because she is very petite and looks like she might be maybe 14 years old (not to mention wearing the kids hat!), and the cops kept asking her, "Are you really 18?!" trying to decide whether to take her to juvie for her parents to pick up or arrest her, and she kept saying "Yes, I'm really 18!" and the absurdity of it all just struck her funny. Reading her Tumblr about the incident, she seems like a really cool kid and this has been a real learning experience for her -- as well as turning her into a participant rather than observer (she intends to go to further marches as a participant rather than as a class assignment).

    Well, plus she'd already called her mom when the cops started arresting people, and her mom said, "Go get arrested, it's the safest way off the bridge." Cool mom too, apparently :).

    -- Badtux the "Nice hat!" Penguin

  4. That is a really touching story. wow

    I was watching the Occupy Detroit live feed over the weekend and I have to say that I was really impressed by some of those kids. They are amazing!

  5. The story of her arrest in her own words. Be sure to click on the gallery button. She's working up to be one heck of a candids photographer.

    - Badtux the Talent-recognizin' Penguin

  6. KATie the Mongoose reminds me of my 11-Yr-old granddaughter Rebekka.

    Cute kid, and smart.

    Lucky she didn't get roughed up.


  7. This photo could become iconic. You are right about her candids. She has great promise as a photographer


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