Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back in town

Was out exercising the new Jeep in its natural environment -- remote areas of the Inyo Mountains and northern Mojave desert. More later.


A dirty Jeep is a happy Jeep. This is a happy Jeep:

Once we got above the treeline, there were awesome views of the Owens Valley and Saline Valley:
That is all for now...

-- Badtux the Tired Penguin


  1. My Veloster might be capable of climbing Mount Washington. But it won't.

    Nice pics. Brings me back to when I walked Mt. Katahdin's Knife Edge. Here's a picture that seems to understate the vertical:

  2. Well, that didn't work. Google it, I guess.

  3. Are ya smiling though?

  4. Nan, pasted the photo and saw it. Cool :). Like your picture, my picture understates the vertical too. This was some rugged countryside, and beautiful in a stark and wild way.

    Lynne: I took 500+ photos on this trip. Saw some really cool things, blew by dozens of places I want to go back to and explore in more depth.

    Busted: Yep! :).

    - Badtux the Refreshed Penguin


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