Monday, October 17, 2011

Light posting

Getting ready for my first trip in the new Jeep (and no, Stu, I don't have a winch on it yet, but I do have a Hi-Lift jack and a strap and a chain that can be used for that purpose, and am not going anywhere that I'll need a winch). I'd comment on the banks calling the cops on people closing their accounts as part of the OWS movement, but I'm not in a position to put sufficient time into it to do the subject justice.

I do have music queued up for your enjoyment. So enjoy :).

-- Badtux the Busy Penguin


  1. I can't imagine a better, quicker strategy to start a run on the banks, or at least a boycott of banks.

    Capitalism is so fucked.

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  3. Enjoy your trip! Good to get away from the depressing news cycle for a few days...

  4. Being a bank customer has a dress code?

  5. Yes, Nangleator. All of life has a dress code in that how you dress influences how people treat you. It isn't fair but it is true although perhaps less true as time goes on. I mean my mother always used to tell me that I would never get a job if I refused to wear panty hose and thank goodness that prediction never came true. UGH.

    Nevertheless, there are certain fashions that tend to correlate with political views (which on a side note is why I consider fashion to be protected speech and covered by the first amendment even if the "speech" is pants that sag to the knees). So the banks see someone dressed like a hippy and they know that such a person isn't going to vote the way they want them to vote and probably is walking in there to take their money out of the bank anyways so why not harass them and have them arrested? Arrest the guy in the suit and they risk arresting someone influential.

    You see banks don't really like their customers anyways. That is why they have to trick them with fees and charges. Banks have been treating their own customers really badly for years. A lot of poor people wont even deal with banks and frankly, I don't blame them. I also don't like bending over to get someone's boot up my rear end. Go figure.

    Sorry about the rant in your nice post about your vacation, Penguin. Have a nice trip.

  6. Nan, Purple was being snarky. The bank customer that the coppers hauled off the sidewalk to haul into the bank to arrest for being in the bank after being told to leave was wearing a nice tailored business suit.

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  7. Are you so tired because you've been working like this? My question is, which penguin are you? I reckon you'd say the first...

    I fully support a run on the banks. End of this week, I'm going to make a partial run on one of mine, even though I have to fly to Europe to do so. But that was part of our plan when we set the deal up many years ago. Gives us a good excuse to go over there, eh?


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