Monday, August 10, 2009

Where's the cat?

OMG! After using the Furminator on Mencken, this pile of fur was all that was left! Poor Mencken, literally turned into a trashcan full of fur...

-- Badtux the Fur-bearin-varmint-owned Penguin


  1. I have got to get one of those for my long haired Kitty . She can cover the table in a few moments of petting .
    w3ski w/fur up to here

  2. Belle! loves the Furminator, Tucker hasn't bought in for it. He likes the Zoom Groom, though.

  3. Mencken very definitely has bought in to the Furminator. He's normally a very cranky and crotchety cat. But when I get it out, he starts meowing until I usher him onto my lap, after which he starts wriggling in ecstasy, purring loudly, giving little "meeeps!" of joy, and starts licking any bodily part of me within reach of his tongue as I furminate him. Grouchy old pussy just digs it.

    I think The Mighty Fang would also like the Furminator, the two times I've managed to give him a couple of swipes with it he seemed to like it, but then Mencken runs him out of my lap and takes his place so poor TMF (despite being bigger and younger than Mencken) never gets much of a chance to get Furminated. Mencken may be smaller than TMF, but he's a former feral and much meaner, TMF is just a big ole' sweetie pie...

    -- Badtux the Furball-owned Penguin


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