Thursday, August 27, 2009

So why don't I comment on your blog?

Well, there's various possible reasons:

  1. I don't *know* about your blog. If you've never commented here, or dropped me a line saying you like my blog and are linking to it from your own blog, I probably don't know about your blog. If your blog is not in one of my blogrolls, I don't know about your blog.
  2. You never post (or at least Blogger thinks you never post): If you don't have your RSS feeds turned on to be picked up by my blogroll, I don't know you've posted, so I never go see what you have.
  3. You're boring me. I'm not going to post comments about things that don't interest me. If it's about health care or the economy, or Republican stupidity, I might comment. If it's about something that is of no interest to me at all, like feminism or recipes more involved than "throw box into microwave for 15 minutes, remove, and eat", I likely just move right on by.
  4. YOU REQUIRE ME TO SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT THAT'S SPECIFIC TO YOUR BLOG. I have no problem creating a Wordpress or Blogger account to comment on your (and thousands of others) blog. That username/password pair is useful in a number of places, not just on your blog, so it's no big deal. But unless you're bigger than Jesus, I'm not going to bother to create a user name and password that is explicit to your legend-in-your-own-mind blog.
That last one is a biggy. There's one blog that I regularly see updates on, go cruise to see posts, say "Wow, that's an interesting post, let me clarify some things about the inflationary and deflationary effects of the business cycle absent a central bank however", then I realize he requires me to have a special username/password for just his blog, at which point I say "Naw, that's too much trouble" and move on...

-- Badtux the Blogging Penguin


  1. Well said, Oh Mighty Penguin.

  2. No Comment.

    JzB the quiet trombonist

  3. speaking of which, dear penguin, i'd love to include a link to you in our friends of progress section. could you send us a 125x125 ad thingy for that? or i could create it. either way.

  4. No worries from me, I closed comments on my Worpress blog because of asshat spammers.

  5. I thank you for all your comments. It's like debating with my mother; I may not agree, but I'm forced to learn.

  6. 1. I know about your blog. However, you don't know about my blog because I don't have one. Oh, I've occasionally thought about starting a blog, but I've also occasionally thought about jumping off a 1000 foot cliff. Fortunately, sanity has prevailed, and I've not done either one (yet).

    2. I don't use RSS. If &diety had meant for people to use RSS, he would have found a way to make it work with the IBM 026.

    3. I typically skip political posts. We all know that Ronald Regan was the greatest president since Lincoln (and, almost as good as Jefferson Davis!), so what's to discuss? I suppose we could discuss how awful Teddy Kennedy was, but what would be the point in that? Everyone with even a single brain cell already knows that, too.

    Actually, the posts that tend to interest me the most are the posts about pizza and other food comparisons. Those will actually make a difference in my life (while proclaiming the greatness/evilness of Regan/Kennedy won't).

    4. I do have a user ID. It's just that I'm usually too busy/lazy to dig it out of the the ID/password sheet to use it.

    Hmm, maybe this is too caustic to post? ;-)


  7. I have featured one of your posts on my blog and added you to my blogroll. Cheers!

    Radical SAHM


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