Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthers want to view Obama's wang

This is just sad. One wonders if what the birthers are really wondering is if it's true that black men's willies are bigger than theirs. Probably so... probably so... but frankly, that wouldn't be hard to do.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Americans have always like that, getting bigger pecker and pussy extensions.

  2. Leave it to the rethuglickins to come up with another penis problem .
    I was born in 53 , given to an adoption agency that was run by Jewish people for Jewish people , but I was not circumsised at birth , in case a "christian" family wanted to adopt me . My Jewish Parents then had me circumsised at a young age but never raised me to be a Jew prefering me to choose my own path .
    How could Obamas penis have any revalance ? Good Lord these "people" are really nuts !
    an astounded w3ski

  3. Oh man, that's awesome, Republicans and their Pee Pee Obsession. Strange, innit, how the most virulently homophobic people around also seem to be the ones fixated on other people's penises. Paging Dr. Freud...

  4. The claim that circumcisions are done without family consultation is nuts. When my oldest grandson was born, my son called me, wondering which way to go. It was absolutely the parents' decision.

    But when has reality ever impinged on right-wingers - or the desire to h how well hung the stud-in-chief really is.

    Personally, I'd rather check out Michelle. Just sayin' . . .

    JzB the circumcised trombonist

  5. Dang.


    or the desire to see how well hung etc.

    JzB the poorly-typing trombonist

  6. In 1961, the snip was pretty much done as a matter of course within a couple of days of birth, we're more enlightened about those things today (by 1966 that had all changed for that matter) but wanting to see Obama's wang is just... bizarre. The right's penis obsession is perhaps telling of the real reason the right is so crazy... I guess going through life with such a small tool, forever feeling insecure amongst the boys in the locker room who had bigger tools, is enough to drive any insecure nebbish into full-blown conservatism.

    Well, it's a theory, anyhow :).

    - Badtux the Theoretical Penguin

  7. I want to see all of theirs first.

    Then I'll judge.


  8. Ewwe. That's just nasty, Suzan. But hey, go troll or and you'll see ALL the tighty righties waving their little weenies around as they circle jerk upon each other. A word of warning, though. Don't go there after you've eaten. You'll likely lose your lunch. You've been warned.

    - Badtux the "Tighty righty teenie weenie" Penguin


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