Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Budget fail

It isn't even the 1st of the month yet, and already my September discretionary budget is gone :(. First, I ordered a body lift / motor mount lift set for my Jeep. Then, I ordered an update to my Delorme GPS software to make it work better on my netbook. Then I relaxed, because that left some space in my budget for one more discretionary purchase in September. Then... then...

Apple released Snow Leopard and the upgrade bundle (with iLife and iWork) for Friday. Those bastards!

Siiiigh. That was the last of my September discretionary budget. So the rest of September (well, until September 24, which is when my budget month flips over) is going to be rather dull. I have a couple more pizza reviews on tap, but that's pretty much it, until October arrives...

-- Badtux the Budgeted Penguin


  1. It isn't even the 1st of the month yet, and already my September discretionary budget is gone :(

    Hum, I still have half of last months, and half of the month before that, and I get paid tomorrow.

  2. I don't live to spend, I spend to live.

  3. I feel your pain Bro . I was broke this month , but then I made 80$ on a shade tree mechanic job . Now I have money for some food , except I have to go cut my winter firewoood again (fourth trip of 6) . That is about 65 miles r/t at 12 or so mpg . Plus I am out of saw gas so there is another gallon of super as well . There goes almost a third of my food money . Good thing I actually like pintos and brown rice .
    a broke to the bone w3ski

  4. My food budget is a different budget so at least I ain't goin' hungry. And I usually have a fair amount left there at the end of the month, I'm just not a big eater, the occasional frozen pizza is the limit of my extravagances. So I gotta say you're feeling a lot more pain than me, w3ski.

    BBC, I wasn't aware that buying stuff was useful when you lived under a bridge. After all, every flood will just wash your stuff away, right?

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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