Saturday, August 29, 2009

California Pizza Kitchen Crispy Thin Crust Signature Pepperoni

Yes, the reviews continue! This is the most expensive of the pizzas that I have purchased thus far, costing $6 at my local Safeway. Is it worth the price? Well... yes, and no.

First of all, this is a good pizza. The cheese is wonderfully cheesy and smooth and there is a lot of it, the pepperoni is nicely flavorful, and while there isn't much sauce, more sauce than there is on this pizza would utterly overwhelm the crust. The crust itself holds up quite well to the load of toppings and has a pleasant toasty taste to it. In short, now that the Red Baron folks have discontinued their "Ultimate Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza", this is now my favorite thin-crust pizza.

But is it worth it? Well... this is a small pizza, and thin. So I guess it depends. I like a pizza with a thicker crust that adds a bready taste to the toasty taste. Still, if you're looking for a good pizza, and don't care that you're paying $6 for what's basically a one-serving pizza (if you're a penguin with a big appetite like me), this is definitely a great choice. It is still not pizzeria pizza... but it's very, very, very close, and will definitely reward rather than punish your taste buds when you eat it.

-- Badtux the Pizza Penguin


  1. The pizza I make can whip your pizza's ass.

  2. I do hate to say this , but for once I agree with bbc ! You actually eat that stuff ? I admit that I grew up cooking my own , but it takes me little time to whip up a homemade pizza that makes the store bought remind me of cardboard . Or take last night , I marinaded a chicken breast in orange juice and curry , that took 5 min to set up , left it all day .Then I grilled it over some oak chips left from firewood splitting . That and a green salad with my garden tomatoes was fantastic and took all of 20 minutes to make . You can have that box of cardboard anytime .
    a well fed w3ski

  3. w3ski, this pizza didn't taste anything like cardboard. It tasted pretty darned close to home-made. Not 100% there yet, but close enough that I won't take the time and trouble to round up fresh ingredients and make my own.

    - Badtux the Pizza Penguin

  4. Dear Mr Penguin , by way of understanding my reply ;
    I learned to cook as a kid . I also grew up eating in resturants maybe 4 nights a week . My poor Mom could burn water and dear Dad could afford better . I grew to love to cook with resturant flavors in mind as a bachelor and now as a married man this last 26 plus years . I love the taste of 'good' food fresh out of the garden and pan or grill . I have grown to love cooking to the point I'd rather make my own . The flavors will be as I decide no more no less . Controll issues I know , but ...
    Store prepared/frozen food holds no mystery for me .
    I am proud to say "I'd rather do it myself" .
    Now I also understand there are those that can't boil water , but recipies and instructions are as close as the net or TV . And , I don't say this to you personally Mr Penguin , I know you can cook as well , but the idea of a "coking handicap for the unmarried" is utter B/S in this day and age .
    a serious w3ski

  5. Whoops me Baddd .
    "Cooking handicap" , not as written earlier .
    an embarresed w3ski

  6. Look w3ski, if Tux spent more time cooking, he would have less time to take silly pictures of cats and put them on teh Internets tubes...


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