Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is Count Novakula really dead?

Okay, so I keep hearing that columnist Robert Novak, the scumbag who revealed a CIA agent to the world and set back nuclear anti-proliferation efforts by years due to all the hundreds of CIA assets subsequently killed by their host governments, has died and that I should write an obituary for him. Thing is, I'm not sure an obituary is really warranted. Not unless I see the body.

See, here's the thing. Count Novakula was a vile undead thing who did the bidding of evil and sadistic people like Dick "The Big Dick" Cheney. So yeah, I've heard he's dead. But look. Until I see his body with a big-ass fucking stake driven through the black shriveled mass of corruption that was Count Novakula's heart, I just don't believe it.

So, anybody seen the body? Was there a big ass fucking stake through Count Novakula's heart? If not, keep an eye on that grave. My guess is that there's going to be some loose dirt moved shortly as this festering pustule of evil emerges to resume his feasting upon the carcass of our decaying and disintegrating Republic. Either that, or I'm a penguin. Oh wait...

-- Badtux the "Speaking Evil of the Dead" Penguin

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  1. Hmmm. Does this make you a "Deather."

    JxB the skeptical trombonist


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