Saturday, August 08, 2009


The Furminator got here today, and I've given both The Mighty Fang and Mencken a de-furring of sorts. TMF will jump on my lap and get de-furred for a while, purring at the top of his lungs, then Mencken will realize hey, TMF is getting all the petting, and come shove TMF off and take his place to be de-furred. They both seem to think this thing is, like, the most cool petting device ever, created solely to give them a sort of scalp massage...

If you wonder where I was today, check out yesterday's Moto-Tux entry. I was installing the new stereo system in my Jeep. It's installed now, but I'm waiting for daylight tomorrow so that I can see well enough to get all the wiring tidied up before I button everything up again.

I was supposed to write a long-form essay for you yesterday, about the real reason Republicans hate democracy (hint: maybe they're right to whine that Democrats want socialism), but I got involved in yanking all the old stereo gear out of my Jeep instead. And today I spent most of the day trying to find a place to put the satellite receiver bits and pieces into the Jeep (eventually had to stick the little boxes with double-sided tape into some really odd crannies under the dash) and running the wires for the satellite receiver antenna and stuff, as well as soldering the dozen wires needed to create the jumper between the stock wiring and the Sony receiver. So anyhow, I'm tired, and going to bed. G'nite!

-- Badtux the Weary Penguin

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  1. I hardly ever listen to the stereo in my truck. Unless I shove a George Carlin disk into it.


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