Saturday, August 15, 2009

Like a complete unknown

Bob Dylan detained briefly in New Jersey for being a dhisheveled bum. A homeowner called to say a suspicious hobo was shuffling around the neighborhood, cops came, found someone claiming to be "Bob Dylan". Cop said, "Yeah, and I'm Perry Como, where's your tour bus and entourage?" But of course the story has a happy ending in this case -- rather than tasering him to a crisp and throwing him into the slammer, they took him to where his tour bus was parked and verified with his manager that yes, this really *was* Bob Dylan.

No comment yet from his press agent on whether Bob felt like a rolling stone.

-- Badtux the Easily Amused Penguin


  1. What a sad day and age . A person can be detained by the authorities simply for walking around . Didn't we used to call that exploring ? Or maybe tourism ? So now geographical curisoty is frowned upon , what's next ?
    It's bad enough they had no idea who Dylan is , after all he's never been on amerikan idle .
    a Sad w3ski

  2. So much for fame and fortune guaranteeing happiness, much less saving you from human intolerance of the different. It's sad but Hey! - they didn't fucking lynch him - quite unlike other Americans in our remembered past.

  3. The Cops gotta be forgiven.

    Dylan was, after all, walking while shabby...

    Cops have distinct orders about people like that: don't let 'em get comfortable...

  4. I am surprised the didn't taser him, but w3ski is right, just what reason did the police have for bothering him at all?

    And thank Jeebus the tour bus didn't move!

  5. Thinking a bit , I realize that people of colour have been going thru the same thing in this country for about a hundred years or so . It's just suprising that it now includes anyone without a suit and tie . Anyone ever hear of a Jehova wittless being accosted by the cops ?

  6. Dang. I used the same title for my post...
    Yours is much more well written.


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