Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This just in: America disappearing into black hole of suck

54% of Americans don't know that Medicare is a government-run healthcare program. 54%. The black hole of suck is so fucking big that it's amazing the whole goddamned country hasn't disappeared into one giant black hole of suck yet.

Jesus fucking Christ in a goddamned handbasket. How can so many people be so fucking stupid? Oh wait. "President George W. Bush". Fucking *TWICE*. Nevermind.

Maybe I ought to just go ahead and apply for Canadian residency. It's clear that any nation where 54% of the population can't figure out that Medicare is a government program is too goddamned stupid to continue to exist for a whole lot longer. Maybe getting out before the black hole of suck finishes the USA off is the best thing to do after all.

- Badtux the Rude Penguin

And appropriate music:


  1. I like Green Day but I hate that freakin song.

  2. My only problem with that damned song is it's too fucking true. As are the majority of the rest of the songs on that album (which is utterly brilliant).

    -- Badtux the Rude Penguin

  3. No sir, it's not. :)

    Imagine Europeans singing that song, if that doesnt bother you then your not thiking it all the way thorugh.

  4. We *are* talking about the same Americans, right? The 54% of American idiots who don't know Medicare is a government healthcare program and are paranoid idiots who think ObamaCare is gonna send Granny to the death chambers?

    - Badtux the "Some truths are unpleasant" Penguin

  5. the same americans who voted 54% for Obama? or you ignore that part?

  6. I've never expected much in the line of health care, having always figured that I was going to end up dead in the end anyway.

    What bothers me is the bottom feeders that don't want to die and get better health care than the rest of us.

  7. Past a certain point even an idiot can realize that he's backing the wrong horse. The fact that it took eight years of GOP misrule to elect Obama should be telling...

    - Badtux the Numbers Penguin

  8. so what Im getting here is that you gave up? dont care anymore?

  9. Hey, look, kevin: Voting is expressing an opinion; that is structurally different from a *fact*.

    Let me spell that out, since my tea is cooling:

    Voting for Obama: an opinion.

    Medicare Is A Government Program: Fact.

  10. Sator Arepo, Im trying to defend the US, and that angers you? are you serious? you wanna believe the worst of our country then be my guest, as the french might say, I surrender!

  11. If you read the comments on the link to the poll results, you will see a cogent comment that the wording of the question could have been misunderstood. People generally don't expect trick questions on polls, and so will try to come up with the most sensible interpretation possible. It's possible that a person saying "yes" could know quite well that the literal wording of the question was an impossibility, but (rejecting the idea that the POLLSTER could be so stupid as to think that Medicare wasn't a government program) decide that the poll must really be asking, "Should the government keep Medicare just the way it is, and not tamper with it?" Some of the "don't know" answers might have been caused by confusion about the meaning of the question. It was a telephone poll with pushbutton response, implying automation with no way to ask the pollster for clarification.

    One can hope that's the real explanation, anyway.

  12. An addendum to my previous comment: I believe the reinterpretation of the question was made even more likely because of the question that immediately preceded it: "Do you support or oppose President Obama’s health care plan, or do you not have an opinion?" In abstract terms, this question asks about a change to the way health care is provided. With such a context in the mind of the person answering the survey, I believe it increases the chance of reinterpreting the next question to likewise be about a change in the way health care is provided (but this time for people on Medicare).

    It is amazing what subtle things can significantly change the results of a poll.

  13. Okay. Maybe I'll hold off emigrating to Canada - for now. Still. President George W. Bush. *TWICE*. Just sayin'...

    --Badtux the "Stupid is as stupid does" Penguin

  14. Mike hit the nail right in the head. thank you!

  15. How can so many people be so fucking stupid? Oh wait. "President George W. Bush". Fucking *TWICE*. Nevermind.

    Correction ... fucking *ONCE*. He was anointed by 5/9's of the Supreme Court the first time.

  16. Actually fucking Zero. Stole Fla in 2000. Stole ohio in 2004.

  17. Uhm, no. Only 60% of eligible voters voted. The other 40% had no problem with George W. Bush being President -- no vote basically means you voted for whoever the winner is. That means 70% of Americans had no objection to President George W. Bush bein' electorated.

    Sorry, when you have an election as close as the 2000/2004 elections were, the fact that a huge number of folks stayed home means something too...

    -- Badtux the Numbers Penguin


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