Friday, February 22, 2008

Why I love living in the SF Bay area

This is a result of going to my Korean grocer -- tons of spicy pickled veggies (kimchi). The colors aren't *really* that garish, for some reason my camera isn't doing color correction correctly :-(. Anyhow, this sure beats a typical salad as far as taste goes, at least if you like spicy foods!

And if I want to eat genuine Indian food, I can go to the Indian grocer. If I want to eat genuine Middle Eastern food, I can go to the halal grocer. Etc. Folks who live only where there's just people exactly like themselves don't know just how boring their food really is...

-- Badtux the Well-spiced Penguin


  1. Oh, stop. I used to be able to get decent takeout. [sigh. still miss Manhattan.]

    Now there isn't even decent pizza. Or Italian bread.

  2. I used to get stuff like that in Cleveland.

  3. When I first came to the Bay Area, I couldn't find half the stuff I needed to cook a decent spicy meal. Course, now it's all over the place, innit?

    What's even nicer is being able to dine out every night for a week on fantastic food and never repeat the same cuisine twice, nor run up a huge bill. Yum.

  4. Doo-wah,doo-wah, come on Kitty,
    Yer talkin to the boy from New York City!


  5. I am so glad I've gone beyond "Mother's cooking." First of all, her cooking sucked and was horribly bland. Meatloaf isnt supposed to look like a hockeypuck floating in a pool of orange grease. And I've gone and explored other cultures, and liked them. Now I can't get a lot of cool stuff delivered, and I really have to hunt for groceries, but it's worth it.


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