Friday, February 15, 2008

It's NIU every day in Iraq

Okay, so horrible things happened at NIU. So many that Google News reports 4,522 stories on it this morning. Thing is, every day in Iraq is an NIU. Far more than nine young people die in Iraq every day in Iraq from the ongoing violence there -- violence either perpetrated with your tax money and mine, or violence that would not be happening if your tax money and mine had not been used to invade the place. Google News reports that there are exactly... uhm... 31 stories total about yesterday's atrocities in Iraq.

But of course, those Iraqis are just darkies. Sand niggers. Arabs. It's not like they were real people, God's chosen people, white people. So that's why the death of each of these young people in Iraq is not news-worthy complete with their names and photos and a bit of life story, while the death of many fewer young people in the United States *is* news-worthy. Our society has no problem with violence, as long as it's violence happening to those people, who, like, aren't like us. There's no racism in America, nosirre. Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


  1. I heard that NIU guy was some unemployed liberal brown person who talked with one of them thar araby accents...

    Probably an illegal messican! If all these nice young white people on prozac were armed appropriately, just think how many lives we could save here in Amerka!

  2. I agree. I know al muslims aint cowards, i wish our cowatds - like the idiot at NIU and their cowards - like the ones who use women and children and wrap bombs around their waist, could al be put in one cage match and destro each other - ok im finished

  3. Your correct that we have NIU day every day in Iraq. Not only do Iraqi's die..but americans of every color die too, in military uniforms.

    It's too bad the worthless media doesnt' remind us daily how many Iraqi's and Americans die over there...but would just be so depressing for the average viewer and we can't have that!


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