Friday, February 22, 2008

Mencken glares

Mencken isn't happy about the blinking lights. Sadly, to register his discontent he broke up the kitty pile there on my dresser (okay, I found my television while cleaning out the closet, but I *still* haven't turned it on in over two years...).

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin (yes, busy cleaning out the closet, thus the junk on the dresser).


  1. My cats know what is off limits here, but one did jump on my desk and keyboard this morning, a big no-no.

    I grabbed her and put her on the floor with some stern words and she scuttled under the bed, three minutes later she was back in my lap.

    Lap fine, desk, no.

  2. I wish i could say the same but basketball and cspan is my crack, not to mention my two year old loves Barney, and the cartoon network - wic is own now. Maybe the cat should pay mortgage LOL

  3. Serves you right, for making a mess on the dresser. Isn't that Mencken's spot?

  4. No, that's not Mencken's usual spot. He only sleeps on stuff that's soft. That black thing he and The Mighty Fang are on is the folded up gig bag for my guitar, which is sitting there while I clean out the closet but as far as Mencken and Fang are concerned, it's just a neat kitty cushion. Next time I head out to the local folkie place to play a few of my songs, PETA is probably gonna throw paint on my gig bag for being made out of fur. Such is life :-}.

    -- Badtux the Well-furred Penguin

  5. Your black kitty looks just like my Manni and Lola.


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