Friday, February 29, 2008

Hmm, is someone trying to say something to someone?

The CIO's dog just took a dump on the CEO's carpet.

Yessiree, just another day at work!

-- Badtux the Employed (for now) Penguin
Note: Anything on this blog may be fictionalized for purposes of humor.


  1. Humor is an interesting thing, what you see as funny others may not. It may actually offend them.

    I say that all you can do is put it out there.

    Actually, I've never noticed much of a sense of humor in you, but maybe it would be different if we were sharing a campfire together?

  2. Really? I learned long ago to make sure I have no liquids in my mouth when I click over here. Make coffee come out my nose a couple of times, and I learn...


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