Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ah yes, the paradise that is Iraq...

I played around with my Blogger template a bit and added a Google newsfeed to the left sidebar. The search term is "Iraq". Ah yes, the paradise that is Iraq.... invasions, suicide bombs, the works. Whenever I hear some nitwit talking about how we're "winning" in Iraq, all I have to do is look over at the left sidebar and think, uhm, dude. Pull the other flipper, why doncha?!

There's only one way to "win" in Iraq, and that's the way we won in Germany and Japan, and the way that Russia won in Chechnya: Go in with overwhelming force, flatten the country, kill all military age men until the only fighters left are children and old men, then put 500,000 Arabic-speaking military policemen on the ground. I.e., genocide, then create a police state that would make Saddam's police state look mild-mannered. Short of that, we're just wasting time, money, and the blood of American soldiers. We can "win", dudes. Just takes a little genocide. What's a little genocide amongst friends? Other than morally abhorent and repulsive, of course. Sheesh. Dimwits who don't read their history need to get a clue. Preferably with a 2x4 upside the head.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. There is another way that may work. Annexation, if I went into a country to shape it up that is exactly what I would do.

  2. This administration has shown a complete and total disregard for history or even common sense when it comes to Iraq. These lacks doomed their "strategy" (or, more accurately, their lack of strategy).

    McCain told us how "safe" Baghdad was after taking a little walk with 100 heavily armed soldiers while 5 helicopters flew air cover overhead. He has also seems to ignore that "peace" and "success" still means over 500 Iraqi dead every month. He seems to think that the fact that Baghdad is now partitioned by high concrete blast walls into ethnically cleansed neighborhoods is a route to long-term security.

    Of course if we pull out before 50 years and anything goes wrong in Iraq, it will only "prove" to the wingnut right that they were correct all along. Heck, there are a bunch of them that still believe that if we just stayed in Vietnam...

  3. Not only did McCain walk through that Baghdad market with enough firepower to flatten several small countries in order to show us all how "safe" it was, but two days after his little stunt, militias killed 21 innocent workers from that very same marketplace in retaliation.

    Strange how we never hear mention of these facts in the midst of the media's incessant fellation on the Straight Talk Express...

  4. What ifc said:
    "This administration has shown a complete and total disregard for history or even common sense when it comes to Iraq."

    except that I would add total disregard for the rule of law (whether the U.S. or the World Court--and remind me again why they are not on trial in The Hague).

  5. Gerald, thx for the link. I thought the PR stunt was bad enough (reminds me a bit of some clown I knew who donned a flight suit and declared "Mission Accomplished!"), but I hadn't heard about the retaliatory killings.

    Heckuva' job, John.


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