Friday, February 01, 2008

Thought for the day

Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.

-- Badtux the Shorter Penguin
Funny how an entire long diatribe of mine can be summarized in one sentence, eh?


  1. Oliver Wendell Holmes thought so.

  2. I may have once seen that quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes. If so, I didn't remember it while I was writing this post. I've worked so many hours this week (I just got home) that I have difficulty remembering my own name at the moment :-).

    - Badtux the Tired Penguin

  3. Dear Tired Penguin -
    How many times had Shakespeare rewritten older stories? "All that's been said's been said before."

    I have a bad habit of coming up with theories that have been thought of before by better people. And I realized that they were better because they were the first to patent it! (not necessarily the first to think it up)

    I agree completely with the idea, though. Which means that those who disagree with taxes disagree with civilization - which explains why so many libertarians enjoy survivalist camps.

    It also goes on a gradient. The level of civilization you are willing to support is directly proportional to the amount of taxes you are willing to pay. See: Belgium.


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