Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Penryn/Santa Rosa Macbooks!

Well color me black, white, and yellow. Here I was, thinking Apple was about to release a new Macbook Pro today but wasn't going to refresh the Macbook for a few months yet, when what do they do but bump up the Macbook to the latest Penryn/Santa Rosa platform today too?! 2.4ghz speed bump. 30% less power usage than my current Macbook. Hmm...

So the next question is, do I get the black Macbook or the white Macbook? The black Macbook comes with a 250gb hard drive but costs $200 more than the white Macbook, which you can upgrade to the 250gb hard drive for around $100. Guess I'll go with the white one then, besides, it matches my mouse and keyboard (I have the old white wireless Bluetooth keyboard and the white lozenge shaped Bluetooth Mitey Mouse).

-- Badtux the MacPenguin


  1. Personally my dear, I don't give a shit.

  2. Personally, my dear, methinks thou dost protesteth too much.

    - Badtux the Shakespeare-quotin' Penguin

  3. now u know i got my first mac in 1987, am i dating myself? lol. hey still working on greenback piece, i hope u like it when i post it, and was gonna revist woodrow wilson agin, but decided not to. how u living folk? keep it up enjoy my reads/laughs here



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