Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Bushbots, Obamabots, and Ronbots

Y'know, there's something that Ron Paul, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama supporters all have in common. And that something is that they're fuckin' annoying as hell.

Now, there's lots of things that are annoying in life. Taxes, for example. Taxes are annoying. The long checkout lines at Safeway at 10:30pm as all of us geeks who don't have a life take our frozen pizzas and milk and fish sticks to the front all at the same time and utterly overwhelm that single clerk on duty to the point where it takes us another 30 minutes to get out of the store, now that is annoying. But Bushbots, Obamabots, and Ronbots take annoying to a different level, because they are immune to reason. They will worship their Dear Leader to their dying day because, well, because he's, like, the bestest and all that, and react to their cult leader's every nattering with Pavlovian drooling and glassy eyes. And woe to he who dare say that their cult leader has feet of clay, they will deny, deny, deny, then invent lies out of thin air to justify it. Any criticisms you have of their leader's policies become personal attacks upon their Dear Leader to be denied with all their heart and soul, regardless of how illogical the defense may be.

Now, it looks like Obama might be about to wrap things up, based on what the latest elections are saying. Now I'm no Obama "hater", compared to John McCain Obama is, like, 1,000 percent better, but that still doesn't change the fact that Obama's health care plan sucks rocks. He deliberately crippled it in a way that makes it unworkable in order to be able to attack Edwards and Hillary for having a plan for universal health care that would actually be, well, universal. He's being dishonest there, and worst yet, he *knows* he is being dishonest, because he has the exact same health care economist advising his campaign who also advised Edwards and Hillary who told him that his health plan couldn't work, would result in a health funding death spiral and lots of dead people if passed as-is. He didn't care. Any lie is okay if it'll get him votes, apparently.

I'll vote for the man because he's intelligent and competent (unlike the incumbent) and because he's actually sane (unlike John McCain), but I'll vote for him knowing he's just another sleazy politician, another slick con man out of the same mold that produced Ronald Reagan. Really, I don't see why people worship him. He's a politician. He's a successful politician, meaning he's a damned good liar, because people won't vote for someone who tells them the truth. Given the current state of politics in America that doesn't mean he'd be a bad President, but it doesn't make him anything other than a lying politician either -- and frankly, I don't worship liars, no matter how necessary the lies may be in order to get a politician elected these days. But the Obamabots with their cult of personality don't seem to have any such scruples, similar to the Bushbots and the Ronbots. Sigh. If only passing Logic 101 was a requirement for graduating American high schools... yeah right, as if our ruling oligarchs would want a population capable of actually, like, thinking. Snort. Pull the other flipper, why doncha?!

-- Badtux the non-Bot Penguin


  1. This might sound ridiculous, coming from someone who doesn't even have the right to vote in the US, but I prefer Obama.

    I freely admit that I don't understand the whole health care issue - our system seems to be much, much simpler - so I can't say anything intelligent about that, and doubts regarding Obama's policy may be in place. But:

    1. I believe he has better ideas when it comes to foreign relations and national security.

    2. I think Clinton stands virtually no chance of winning in November, and should she manage to win, she will not be able to advance her agenda. Furthermore, history tells us she is risk-averse.

    3. I think oratory is of some importance in public life.

    I am certain Obama has flaws, but I think he is the best this year's crop had to offer.

  2. CLAP CLAP CLAP - LMAO here - this post is the best political post I've seen ever...

    i want to scream from the rooftops - they are all fucking politicians who get paid to lie to us..geeze


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