Wednesday, February 13, 2008

MRE Menu 7: Chicken with Salsa

This one was good! For best results, heat up the chicken with salsa and pour over the spanish rice. Top with the jalapeno cheese spread, mix well, eat with crackers. Needs a bit of hot sauce, but that comes in the accessory packet. All in all, I enjoyed this MRE and enjoyed the deserts too (peanut M&M's, and shortbread cookies). If you can find some whitebread dude who enjoys the meatloaf (which has the consistency and taste of cat food), trade'em your meatloaf for this delicious bundle of joy.

-- Badtux the Culinary Penguin


  1. Meat loaf seems to be the bane of soldiers everywhere. The IDF, inspired by the pidgin English of 1940s Zionists, calls it Loof, and until quite recently it was the part of the MRE no one wanted to it.

    Loof was retired from the IDF menu some six years ago, and now is fed mainly to prisoners - particularly captive Palestinian soldiers and terrorists.

  2. yum! Sounds good except for the white bread...

    I just don't want to know how many cals are in there though...

  3. Well, thing is, I've had soldiers actually tell me they *liked* the meatloaf MRE -- liked it well enough that they'd trade something I consider actually tasty for it. These are generally kids from the Midwest who grew up on meat and potatoes and white bread (i.e., what I would consider bland and tasteless food). So fine. They give me their Jambalaya or Chicken with Salsa, I'll give them my Meatloaf, and we'll all be happy :->

    Nancy, there's no white bread in the "chicken with salsa" MRE, just crackers. As for the number of calories, you're correct, if you have to ask, you don't need to know :-). If you just eat the main meal without the candy and cookies, it's probably around 800 calories or so, so we're not talking too bad, but it's definitely not tuna and rice wrapped in seaweed.

  4. This isn't one of them, but sometimes the comments are just as good as the post. LOL

  5. This really made me smile. Oh, how my brother used to bitch and moan about MREs. Then again, he was such a spoiled brat, being the youngest of three and the adored baby brother of two older sisters, and he was a bit of a food snob, too.

    It made me smile, to read what you read. I just wish that he was still alive so that I could send him this post and tell him, "quit yer bitchin!"

    Sgt. Andrew Weiss
    KIA: 5/03/07, Amiriyah Neighborhood of Baghdad


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