Tuesday, August 15, 2006

World Nut Daily: "London bombers not al Qaeda operation"

Yeppers, we've hit the time of day at which a stopped clock (World Nut Daily, which I read so you don't have to :-) is right. They point out that Osama threatened to attack America directly and has done all the necessary jihad things (the warnings, the demands to convert, etc.) in preparation to that, and that the London "shampoo bombers" were just a bunch of green recruit wanna-bes. Their notion of exploding MEKP bombs in air liners would have caused havoc but would not have downed the airliners (unless they got *very* lucky), and that's assuming they did n't blow themselves up making the MEKP in the first place (idiots tend to win Darwin Awards doing such things).

Osama is still planning to attack America -- perhaps with medical waste "dirty bombs" in cargo containers -- and Homeland Security is doing jack shit about it.

Only question is whether Osama is going to launch an "October Surprise" to get the Republicans re-elected. After all, the Republicans have been very good for Osama, what with the thousands of recruits they've won for his cause, and so forth...

-- Badtux the "I read World Nut Daily so you don't have to" Penguin


  1. Word. Why would OBL want anyone but this cabal of cretins in power? How many years has Murka been in Afghanistan and Iraq, and neither country is any more "pacified" than when the troops arrived. That's a pretty good ass-kicking that two small countries are delivering.

    And the Lebanon adventure? That generated some pissed-off civilians who, I suspect, are going to be a little more hands-on than the 101st FK.

    OBL doesn't even need to leave the cave. Murka is finding its own self-destructive path. Ah, the sorrows of a lame-assed empire with chimps in charge.

  2. Now even the moderate muslims are becoming pissed off and we just keep staying the course.

    If I keep slapping someone in the face I know that they will start to hate me but Shrub and his morons do not see that.

    Bush thinks that we are winning their hearts and minds, the man is very delusional, and exceptionally naive.

    We have lost the psycological battle hence we are in danger of losing the war.


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