Thursday, August 03, 2006

Civil War in Iraq

We're there. It's not something that Iraq is descending into. We're there. And the next question is: Now what?

The only solution I have to the mess is one that's not too optimistic: Put a wall around the place, throw raw meat over the wall from time to time, let them fight it out until they're tired of fighting, then make friends with whoever wins.

Unfortunately, that's a long-term problem. It took Lebanon 14 years of civil war before the various sects there were tired of fighting each other and made peace. Of course, the Palestinians and Israelis and Syrians mucking around in Lebanon didn't help, much as the Iranians and Saudis mucking around in Iraq don't help...

Ronald Reagan was, by and large, a mediocre President, whose sole accomplishment on most days was avoiding nodding off during a cabinet meeting (but sometimes he didn't manage that much). But from time to time he did wake up and do something right, and one of those things was to get our troops the hell out of the Lebanese civil war and let the Lebanese do what the Lebanese had to do to get all that shit out of their system without our troops being targets in the middle of all that shit. The irony is that after the vast majority of the Lebanese got tired of war and spent 15 years in peaceful (if sometimes uneasy) coexistence, a tiny minority in the south did one stupid thing, and Israel brought war to them all over again...

Let'em fight it out. It's the only thing we can do. There will be a lot of dead bodies, but at least they won't be American bodies, and there won't be $100 billion a year worth of American gold down the drain trying to suppress a civil war that isn't going to end until they all fight it out and get it out of their systems. Mucking around in other peoples' civil wars never works out well. It didn't work out well when we supported the White Russians against the Reds in Russia in 1918, it didn't work out well when we supported the Catholics in South Vietnam against just about everybody else in Vietnam, it didn't work out well when we intervened in Lebanon's civil war, and it isn't going to work out any better in Iraq.

Meanwhile, the bodies will pile up, far more bodies than Saddam Hussein piled up during his long time of keeping the populance from killing each other, but what the hey, we overthrew Saddam and that's good, right? Too bad we didn't have the foggiest notion what to do after we overthrew Saddam, but hey, remember, results don't count in Bushevik America, only intentions, and our intentions were good, right?

-Badtux the Unoptimistic Penguin


  1. Interesting. I say this because I wrote about the same thing. Iraq has been in a civil war for some time, how can anyone see otherwise is beyond me. Can we send them to some school to strenthen their senses, they obviously have very weak senses?

    I also wrote about the biblical Santa Claus fantasies that keep everyone killing each other in the mid-east.

  2. taking a turn at translating general officer's lingo for the benefit of those who didn't listen to them in viet nam i postulate this.

    there's a possiblity this might slide into civil war means
    shit's blowing up all over the place and we can't stop it

    we didn't anticipate this happening a year ago
    we fired those naysayers in intell before we got here

    we don't understand why they refuse our gift of freedom
    and we're trying our best to figure out how we can fight our way out of the green zone to the airport and get the fuck out of here without a bloodbath

  3. Once again "the helping hand" slays everyone in sight.

  4. Right on !!! Like it says on my coffee cup. "I'm surrounded by fuckin' idiots.

    BBC, the pissed off part of God.

  5. I apologize for my generation not taking care of the assholes. We did think that we had them finally buried. Who could have imagined that they would have been resurrected? Good God, we depended on the elected representatives of the Democratic Party and they have been proven to be a rubber stake. I'm sorry to leave another generation with this craziness.

  6. I guess we knew what we were doing when we overthrew Saddam and killed his boys and then caught his ass and threw it in jail. Yeah, we showed that region democracy..and peace..and fixed up their infrastructure..and freed their women so they didn't have to wear veils and cover up their skin (something Saddam already did, but we can take credit) and gave them good health because no more sanctions. yeah, buddy. Those Iraqis love us because we made their lives SO.MUCH.BETTER.

    You know what? We even freed the Iraqis from WMDs. Now they don't have to worry about being obliterated with Saddam's poison gas or his missiles and all his other dirty bomb type materials.


  7. Minstrel Boy,
    "...and we're trying our best to figure out how we can fight our way out of the green zone to the airport and get the fuck out of here without a bloodbath." Maybe they think we can chopper them out like Saigon '75. That's really gonna be a joke!

    k.ron silkwood,
    Our generation DID get rid of them. We just overlooked the Boys from Brazil's clones. Now they're ripening like the pods from the body snatchers.


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