Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blogspot bloggered...

Sigh. You'd think Google, of all people, would at least know how to run a server farm... but all the Blogspot-hosted sites I just tried are giving an error.

Now you know why I pay to host my site elsewhere now.



  1. Actually hitting the refresh button a couple of times helps to see some sites.

    But if the servers are on a farm does it mean that they are slaughtered then eaten? Perhaps they are frightened.

  2. What does that cost you Tux?

  3. I pay $15 a month for a Xen virtual machine that I run Debian Linux upon. I do not recommend this for the casual blogger, though, because it requires a significant amount of setup. I mostly use a Xen machine so I can set up SpamAssassin and ClamAV to do some mail filtering, and I use Debian because it is the most stable Linux distribution for a server, as well as being command-line-oriented and thus suited for managing over the Internet (GUI's don't work so well over the Internet, though the last release of VNC does pretty darn well).

    Setting it up for Blogger to publish was pretty easy, I just created a special user for Blogger, enabled sftp access on my server, and pointed Apache at the result. The hardest part was configuring the blogger end, not configuring the web server end. But then, I've been hosting bunches of web sites for a long time on my virtual servers, as well as maintaining sites for my family and maintaining EMAIL for my family (for example, all of my mother's EMAIL gets spam-filtered and virus-filtered on my server before it goes to her ISP's EMAIL inbox).

    Oh, and the domain name costs $8.95 per year.


  4. I see, well, that's over this idiots head, and I don't have time to learn it, will just put up with Blogger being my server.

  5. There are Blogger-friendly webhosts that don't require you to do any of that fiddly stuff. Try Google. You'll pay about $10 per month for the service, and about $10 per year for the domain name, if you're putting up a low-readership site. High-readership sites, on the other hand, need to pay significantly more and are better off staying with blogspot.com despite its many issues...

    -Badtux the Web Penguin


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