Friday, August 04, 2006

Opera rocks!

It even has a built-in EMAIL program that rocks too! So no need for Eudora or Thunderbird, Opera does it all.

If you are still running those old buggy virus-spreading programs like Internet Explorer/Outlook Express or Firebird/Thunderbird, go give Opera a try. They've never had a virus target them, and the program has some pretty nifty features.

- Badtux the Computer Penguin


  1. I used to be on top of all this stuff until about '99. And I do appreciate your comparative analysis for those of us who haven't kept up with this sort of thing.

    And really, I wasn't aware of all the problems with Firefox.

    I have a friend that uses K-Meleon. It looks similar to Opera to me. Any opinion on K-Meleon?

  2. I think I will stay with Firefox and Thunderbird for now, but I will keep and eye on Opera. Thank you for the suggestion.

  3. Cool to hear. I might give it a try when I have some time to learn.

  4. I've been using Opera for several days, since I found my Firefox browser deverloped a bad habit of crashing following the last two upgrades.

    Opera is quite good. It very closely mimics MAC OSX.

  5. No post in a while. I'm guessing your having Win"DOH"s problems again.

  6. NicK: Nope no Windohs problems. I don't post much on weekends, usually. I was out hiking, when I was not working on the new novel (which is about 1/4th done right now, word-wise).

    PT, K-melion is just Firefox with a faster graphics library.

    SH, my Windows got compromised via a virus that targetted Firefox. Thus why this is being posted via Opera :-).

    - BT


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