Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Audiovox CCS-100 update

Well, turns out that I'm not the first person to try hooking this cruise control to a KLR after all. This guy did it before me.

Darn, now I'm not the pioneer here! Although my installation is mechanically different from his because I have luggage racks on my bike and because it is a California KLR I have a bracket on the left rear for the evap canister, thus mounted my servo back there, plus I attached to the throttle a different way (a way that will result in less binding and cable wear than his way, because I have the cable coming straight down at the throttle rather than at an angle).

So my current status is that I'm building a wire harness as I go with black electrical tape (the self-sticking type) and thus far have made it from under the back fender to the engine side of the front seat bracket, where I need to hook to the rear brake light connectors for the disconnect. The ground wire comes out of the harness about halfway down the seat area, and hooks up to the bolt that holds the cable clamp that holds the wire harness for the tail light, brake light, license plate light, and turn signals. Once I get that done, I then wind up with the rest of the wiring harness going to the coil area, where I hook the tach wire to the appropriate coil terminal. From thence I go to the fairing area, and then up the handlebar with the rest of the (many) wires going up there (why many wires? Heated grips and a GPS plug, that's why).

I'm almost disappointed I found someone who'd done it before. Now it's going to be easy! Darn, where's the challenge in that?!

-- Badtux the Mechanic Penguin

Update as of 9:40pm: Now have all the wires where they need to go. Now all I need to do is fabricate a bracket for the control panel and do the final hookup of the control panel... probably going to use a small tupperware container with a couple of fender washers for a dashboard mount for the control panel and heated grips toggle that won't kill me if I go flying over the handlebars. Yeah, I'm gonna go down the road with tupperware bolted to my handlebars!


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  2. Tupperware on the handlebars. What'll that Penguin think up next?

    I think it's pretty cool you're putting cruise control on your bike. After having made several long distance trips on my 81 Virago, I can appreciate cruise control. I just had one of those throttle-lock devices that didn't seem to work too wel. Good luck with this installation and don't forget to post pictures! I gotta see the tupperware control panel.

  3. I might use an Otter box instead, Dawg. I just remembered that there's a brand new REI store down the street from the office that has Otter boxes, which are nicely waterproof and easily modified for this application. The small "cell phone" sized one may be just the ticket.

    Biggest problem is going to be wire routing. The heated grips switch lived in a plastic Radio Shack project box that was sealed up with silicon caulk after being bolted to the handgrips bolt, but that box wasn't big enough for both switches not to mention being broken due to an encounter with a wall when I managed to push the bike off its sidestand while re-arranging my garage. (The only thing that broke, BTW -- KLR's are *rugged*, especially mine, which has been significantly ruggedized). Anyhow, I now have a wire bundle going up to that left grip area that is the size of my index finger, consisting of: a) the original wiring for the horn, lights, and clutch safety switch, b) the heated grips switch bundle (and left grip wires), c) the GPS power cord bundle, and now d) the cruise control bundle, which is six wires (four for the cruise control switches, two to a switched power source for the backlight for the cruise control). Making sure these wires don't hit anything when I turn full left lock is going to be a PITA!


  4. stuff like this reminds me that when i was in my motorcycle phase sex was fun and motorcycles were dangerous ah well, have fun tuxie

  5. Hey, Gordon, I got a day job, y'know? And this has been a busy week for me there, been fixing smbus problems and poking at hardware trying to make it jump without crashing.

    Yesterday I got off work at 7pm and headed off looking for something to use as a "control panel" 'cause a bike don't have a dashboard. Finally, around 8:30pm, I found a nice little box that was the exact same size as the cruise control button unit and had enough room to mount the switch for my heated grips too. It's a little brushed aluminum box, and I really wanted a plastic one for weather-tightness, but this'll work, just means a little silicon caulk gets applied to seams :-). Tonight I mounted the switches and mounted this box onto my handlebars using the bolt for the OEM handguards. Looks rather nifty perched up there, now all I gotta do is waterproof it a bit, but first I want to make sure it all works and that I didn't hook up the heated grips backwards or anything!

    Still left to do is the final wire hookup under the cowling. I have way too much electrical shit on this bike, and part of my problem has been to undo some of the other crap in order to make room for the new crap, like I had to get rid of my old control panel box 'cause it wasn't big enough for the cruise control button panel to mount on it, which meant I had to re-do my heated grips circuitry too. I need to re-do the circuitry under the cowling a bit now to siphon some power off to the cruise control box. Which is a PITA 'cause there ain't much room under a KLR's cowling, and I already got too much crap under there. Remember, a KLR doesn't have a fuse box like a car, I had to run a new circuit straight to the battery for the shit under the cowling, and then there's a relay there to switch the new circuit off of the ignition switch so that I don't, say, accidentally hit the heated grips switch and run the battery down, then there's the rather odd distribution chain mess that I need to clean up...

    Anyhow, that's my status, I've only had an hour or two per night to work on it and have spent a lot of that figuring out how the hell to hook things up or drilling holes in sheetmetal or things like that. I wish I had more time to play with the thing, but that's how it goes. I should have it finished sometime this weekend...

    - Badtux the Electrical Penguin

  6. I was just yankin' yer chain, dude.

    A motorcyclist with a day job! What a concept!

    BTW, the guy you linked to did a heckuva job (no pun intended) laying it out.


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