Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Drunk driver kills penguins

A true tragedy in east Texas -- a truck driver driving a truckload of penguins in refrigerated comfort to Galveston Beach so they could frolic in the waves and hold all-night beer keggers much like George W. Bush did while valiantly defending Galveston Beach from the Viet Cong hordes, managed to topple her truck. One penguin died in the accident, and three others were deliberately run over by East Texas drivers who said "yeehaw, maw, lookit them thare funny-lookin' chickens! Fried chicken for dinner, yeehaw!".

Hey, it's rough out there for a penguin :-}. Not as rough as it would have been for the Texas State Police if the previous truck, carrying the snakes and alligators, had crashed, but do you know just how hot it is in East Texas this time of year?! Whew!

The good news is that twenty-one penguins survived, and were carried in refrigerated comfort onward to Galveston Beach. Their buddy the octopus, who they brought with them in order to hold their beach umbrellas, luckily survived. Party hearty, fellow flightless waterfowl!

-- Badtux the Party Penguin


  1. I need a moment. Make that many.

  2. Sorry about the penguins, but I think 'drunkdriver' is only one word in Texas.

  3. Party? That reminds me, time for a trip to get more Peppermint Schnapps.

  4. It's a ridiculous story in the sense of macabre events. As Gordo so eleoquently put it, that's the way of East Texas. (And North, and South, and West Texas, and points around there.) I just can't think of a zoo or aquarium around that part of Hell's 40,000 sq miles.

  5. Oh, Badtux, so sorry for your loss... hope the deceased were not your near relatives.


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