Tuesday, August 01, 2006

GAH! Windows Sux, part II

Well, as predicted elsewhere, Norton AntiVirus was utterly ineffective at removing the trojans and backdoors on the system. Another antivirus product similarly threw up its hands and surrendered. There is one file that I want to save off the system, and then it gets a complete wipe and rebuild from scratch.

One thing I'll note: It appears that Firefox was the culprit that allowed my system to be compromised. Guess it's time to investigate Opera :-(.

Updated 7:49pm -- after checking my backups to make sure they were intact, I am now installing Kubuntu Linux on my laptop. #$%@# Windows! I may install Windows in a virtual machine so I can run various Windows-only software that I own, but as for Windows, Microsoft can go $#%@# themselves...

- Badtux the Compromised Penguin


  1. Windows Sux, Part Deux.
    Isn't that the movie with Charlie Sheen and Lloyd Bridges?

  2. Windows sucks. Norton products are just terrible.

  3. I like Windows, but that's just me:)

    What sucks is that those evil trojans and others slithered in! What an irritant!

  4. Well, I'm blowing Windows away entirely to run Kubuntu Linux, so that ought to resolve *that* little issue...

    -- BadTux the Linux Penguin

  5. Jane, you're thinking of "Hot Shots! Part Deux" While that was a hilarious parody of Rambo, I don't know if Badtux will be sent up a river with Ryan Stiles to kill Saddam Hussein.

    Bonus fact: did you know that the actor who plays Saddam in that movie, Jerry Haleva, has spent his entire acting career playing the role of Saddam Hussein in six different movies?


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