Sunday, June 11, 2006

You! Hey you! Where's my food?!

The mighty Fang is on a diet. He is not happy. He is not happy at all. He ate all his food by 9am this morning (I feed the kitties at night), and spent the rest of the day curling around my feet and tripping me up begging for more.

Here the Mighty Fang makes his displeasure known... but he didn't get any more food, not until 9pm this evening. That makes me a mean penguin, I guess... but at 18 pounds, he doesn't need more food!

- Badtux the Blubbery-cat-owned Penguin


  1. Oh my, I have the same problem.

    Julietta almost died some years ago from jaundice, and I force-fed her for 3 month with recovery feed that I passed through a tea sieve and sucked up with pediatric electrolytes in a syringe.

    Well, one day she suddenly came back within 24 hours.
    Anyway, ever since I had her eat whatever she wanted....and she got fat.
    I started dieting her yesterday, and now she is constantly trying to touch my face with her paw and trips me up wherever I walk.

    Oy vey, it will be hard to pull through with the "tough love".... :(

  2. Oh, that's Julietta:

    ( seems embedding doesn't work in comments )

  3. Now, 18 lbs is a big cat. I'd hate to have him hungry, and mad at me at the same time - ESPECIALLY after seeing Cat Blog Sunday over on Hullabaloo!


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