Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The next novel...

is entitled Dead Children. The children in question are not pretty blond debutantes. That should give you a hint.

** NEW POLL ** Thanks to the boilerplate I created and the lucky fact that the "deadlylies.com" hostname was not taken when I was digging around for a new hostname, I think I may actually have a title for The Novel Formerly Known As The Fixer. I also just finished revising Chapter 1 to make it a bit less clunky and fit better with the new title.

So take the poll and lemme know what you think!



  1. You could use "Valley of Lies" as the name for the series, with each book having a different name with "Lies" in it (e.g., "Deadly Lies", "Little White Lies", "Get Your Butt Kicked Lies", etc.). :*)


  2. Hmm, cool! Yeah, I think that would work.



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