Sunday, June 25, 2006

Progress of the "D" word

5 pounds down! Only 15 more to go before I'm down to where I was as a youngster of 30 years of age, which is probably a good weight for me since that's where I spent most of my adult life and my blood pressure was fine at that weight. And yeah, I know it gets harder from here...

What I've discovered is that I really don't eat badly, calorie-wise, when I'm cooking for myself. For example, today I'm having tuna and noodles at lunch, and this evening I'm having rice pilaf and thai chicken. All with salad of course. The killers are a) soft drinks, and b) snacks. Well, and c), pizza, which is just plain evil :-). All I have to do to keep my weight under control once I hit my target weight, adding up the calories, is chop soft drinks and snacks out of my diet and only eat pizza once or twice a month (sigh! And I so love pizza!). Rather than soft drinks, I can drink green tea (unsweetened), which not only is healthier than all that sugar but has the same caffeine kick (hey, you didn't think I was drinking those sodas for the taste, eh? :-).

Getting old sucks. The alternative, of course, is worse... :-}.

- Badtux the Elderly Penguin

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