Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oh my bleeding eyes!

Yes, that is a guinea pig in that little costume. And that web site is full of other guinea pig costumes. My eyes! My bleeding eyes! Make it stop, mommy, make it stop!

This is just wrong... almost as wrong as furries. Well, no. Nothing can be as wrong as furries. But you get the point. (And for those intending to note the obvious, penguins have *feathers*, not *fur*!).

-- Badtux the Amazed Penguin


  1. My eyes...ze goggles do nothing!

  2. Ew! Furries!

    And to think that the year after Frank Kelly Freas was Artist Guest Of Honor at ConFurence he returned on his own nickel cos he'd enjoyed himself so much...Diane Duane traveling all the way from Ireland to attend Further Confusion and now Anthrocon... Save us from the furverts! Alert Ann Coulter!

  3. Why alert Ann Coulter? So she could attend the next furvention as Senator Santorum's Dog or Neal Horseley's mule? I would think that Republicans, with their love of man-on-furry-creature sex would be natural furverts!

    - Badtux the non-furry Penguin
    (Feathers, my friend. Feathers!).

  4. You know what? That outfit would probably look really cute on you:)


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