Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday listening list

  • Beth Orton, Trailer Park
  • Garbage, Garbage
  • Everclear, Slow Motion Daydream -- brilliant social commentary hidden behind crunchy grunge. Led to breakup of band due to pro-Bush drummer and bassist and anti-Bush guitarist/songwriter. "Blackjack", starring a character named "Scary John", is a particular favorite (think -- John Ashcroft).
My little dorn-sized CD/stereo only holds three disks, alas...

- Badtux the Music-listening Penguin


  1. My little dorn-sized CD/stereo only holds three disks, alas...

    That's why you need to rip all your CD's to mp3 files and then get an iPod for when you're away from your computer.

    The bassist and drummer of Everclear were pro-Bush, eh? Guess you learn something new every day. Rock'n'roll and especially punk/alternative is mostly left-leaning overall, but there's definitely more of a right-wing strain among rockers than people think -- much more so in hard rock and heavy metal than in punk or indie, granted, but still there nonetheless.

  2. were did you get that Greg and Craig were pro bush?


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