Monday, April 14, 2008

WTF is with this weather?!

It was 86 yesterday at around 4pm. It was 56 today. A friggin' 30 degree swing! Just about froze my fine feathered ass off because it was warm this morning when I left for work, then the temperature went down like a Republican economy, ker-FLOP...

-- Badtux the Fine-feathered Penguin


  1. The temperature can change in California? Wow!

  2. That's what ya get for living in that bay fog zone . Sorry about that . Up here in the Motherload it starts cold and warms up regularly . And , no F'in Fog !
    w3ski > the even
    temperatured skier

  3. I'm not in the fog zone -- it gets foggy maybe five times a year here. It was just one of those freak wind shift things that suddenly went from pushing hot winds at me from the Coyote Valley to pushing cold winds at me from the south leg of San Francisco Bay. Now, if I were in San Fran itself, the temperature would be pretty much constant all year round -- somewhere in the mid 50's to mid 60's. And foggy, this time of year....

  4. Welcome to global warming. A lot of GW apologists think that the theory is that everything just gets warmer.
    Of course if they learned to read, they'd no that wasn't true. A major part of that theory is that weather is supposed to become more unstable and more severe. Droughts, floods, snow, and temperature swings are all a part of that.

  5. Sorry. "Know", not "no".

    Man I'm glad it's Friday. What? Oh, f***.

  6. Isn't global warming wonderful? :-/

    I was driving along the edge of Death Valley (Yeah, the one in California) back in December. And, who but me would end up in a rain/fog storm there? :-/



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