Sunday, December 18, 2011


We won in Iraq. Which is why our last troops in Iraq sneaked out to Kuwait at 2AM without telling anybody.

So victory is celebrated nowadays by sneaking out at night, not by a big celebration and victory parade as you exit triumphantly? Gosh, things sure have changed over the last 70 years!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

If this is what victory looks like, what would defeat look like? Just askin!


  1. The U.S. will be back, as soon as it has to rescue the "diplomats" and their mercenary guards beseiged inside the Crusader Castle -- strike that, "Gigantic $1 billion (how much of that sum was stolen by contractors, eh?) "Embassy" in Baghdad. The embassy and "military trainers" are there as bait for future punishment missions against the uppity brown people.

  2. "what would defeat look like?"

    If you were old enough to remember Vietnam in the spring of '75 you would have a good idea. I hope the American Vatican has reinforced roofs for the helos.

  3. Bukko, the American people are pretty well tired of foreign adventures at this point. While our leaders find it easy enough to lead the American people wherever they want to lead them, past a certain point it becomes like leading a horse a place that the horse darn well knows ain't no place for horses... you might manage to do it with enough whipping and beating, but it ain't gonna be pretty, and you ain't gonna get there mighty fast.

    Montag: Yeah, I was thinkin' spring of '75 myself. And yes, our crusader palace in Baghdad has *plenty* of reinforced roofs for the helos ;).

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  4. You have more faith in the American people than I do, Tux. I think a large, brainwashable segment has the historical memory of a goldfish. When economic catastrophe hits, and people are beat-down and angry, it will be easy to whip them into a fervour. Hell, the mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers who follow the "R" faction of the Corporate Party with Two Faces are slavering for an attack on Iran while the retreat-dust is still in the air in the Babylon Oil Colony. A nice rescue raid, not a re-occupation.

    Meanwhile, you being a tech guy, what do you think of the Iranians using a GPS spoof to capture that B-2-looking spy drone?

  5. Based on the descriptions I heard, it sounded like "retreat" has a new spelling. When military leaders worry about getting blown up or shot at as they're leaving a place, it's not exactly a triumphant march home.


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