Monday, December 19, 2011

Cat sauna

The bathroom is the warmest room in my house because that tile floor has an old-fashioned grout base and thus absorbs / radiates the heat that's coming out from under the vanity. Some of that heat from under the vanity also manages to waft its way upwards in the cabinet and heat up the bowl of the bathroom sink. The result: Well, you see the result here.

Especially note the decorative help that The Mighty Fang (for I know it was him, even though I didn't see him do it) lent his sauna. Every cat sauna needs shredded paper confetti to give it a festive look, right? Right?!

But that's okay, TMF is so ridiculously adorable that I can't be angry at him. Here's proof of how adorable he is:

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Please turn on the tap after you have the video camera running. Please?

  2. If I ever build another place it will have in floor heat.

  3. Awe, Bukko, look at those huge golden eyes looking soulfully at the camera. You're mean to even think of doing that to such a furry purry adorable kitteh!

    BBC, the problem with in-floor heat is repairing it when it goes bad, which is why it's pretty rare. The bathroom has sorta-in-floor heat in that it blows hot air at that tile floor from under the vanity, which in turn heats up the tile floor and makes it *feel* like in-floor heat, but the rest of the house just has floor vents 'cause forced air ducts don't go bad the way pipes or wires for "real" in-floor heat do.

  4. It always cracks me up how cats are so good at finding warm spots. I used to have a cat and once time, near the end of her life, she found a new spot. My labrador would lie in the sun if the sunny spot happened to land on the couch or her dog bed. When that happened, the cat would go lie on top of the dog. It used to make me laugh so hard. One of friends said that my dog is an great example of a Live Labrador feLine Lounger ;)

  5. BBC, the problem with in-floor heat is repairing it when it goes bad,

    Anything and everything can go bad but done right in floor heat is way cool.

  6. Badtux and Bukko, try turning the tap on just a tiny trickle. Likely TMF will NOT run, but will get out of the sink and begin drinking from the trickling tap as if it were a spring of some sort. Stella's cats (the previous generation, now deceased) did that regularly.

  7. Steve, TMF does indeed enjoy drinking from the trickling tap. However, nowadays he enjoys that small bowl of water beside the tap just as much. I dump it and refill it every time I'm in the bathroom and he always comes and laps up some water right after I refill it because he likes how fresh water tastes.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

  8. Life is tooo sweet for THF. It's good stuff. Damn cats anyway.

    Stretch got to stay indoors yesterday and last night for the first time because it was so shitty.

    After I get done shoveling she will transition back to her nice box in the garage.

  9. My in-laws' cat, and obviously TMF, think the bathroom sink was installed to be just the right size and shape for a bed. Fortunately ours prefer beds and windowsills in the sun. When we put an addition on the house a few years back so my dad could live with us, I insisted all the sills be extra-wide. The contractor thought I was nuts, but it was my money... and the cats love them.

    O wise Tux and readers, I do have a cat problem, though. Husband and I and our two cats will be spending some of the holiday week at our getaway home in the Eastern Sierra. The cats are not thrilled with this, and at first they hid under the bed. Then they discovered the kitchen cabinets where I keep pots and pans. These have plenty of room at the back for a cat to creep in and hide, and the doors will obligingly close behind him. Now I have to wash every pot and pan before I use it, in case some kitty has walked over it! Any advice as to how to fix this???

  10. I'm assuming you're getting your food to boiling temperature while cooking it, so any cat cooties would be killed by the hot steam as it sterilized the pot/pan. At least, that's my answer to the possibility of cats walking on my pots and pans :).

    - Badtux the Sterilization Penguin

  11. Go to the local kid supply store and ask for something to baby proof your cabinets. They make kits these days that don't even make it all that hard for adults to open the cabinets. :)

  12. Dude,

    you set yourself up for the punny:

    Why is your vanity so hot?

    Haha, I crack me up sometimes.


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