Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I love my credit union

Got a phone call from my landlady asking where her money was. I pulled up my statement on the web, and said "that's funny, bill pay says they mailed it to you on November 18 and took the money out of my account on November 22. Let me contact my credit union and have them call you to see what happened." So I opened a support case on the credit union's web site and soon got a response back that yes, they mailed the check and had the postal receipt to prove it, but it hadn't been cashed. So they called the landlord, verified the landlord hadn't found the check between the time she called me and the time they did their search, verified that they had the correct mailing address and account number on the check, and re-issued the check after verifying with the landlady that no late fees were due since she probably just lost the old check. No reissue fees or check cancellation fees or anything, just plain old customer service :).

Thank the Great Penguin that I wasn't with some Big Bank! They would have just shrugged and said, "not our problem", then charged me fees out the wazoo to resolve the Not Our Problem!

I love my credit union :).

-- Badtux the No-bank Penguin


  1. Oh, didn't you hear the news? Bank of CitiChaseMorganAmerica has purchased your credit union.

  2. I don't think so, given that I'm part-owner of my credit union and the CU charter would require me to vote on that :).

    - Badtux the "I own my not-bank! Yay!" Penguin

  3. I do as many transactions as i can through my credit union.

    We even have our mortgage there.

    Big banks suck rhinoceros!


  4. Gotta love it.
    I have personally handed my former landlord the rent check and watched my account on line and had to wait three fucking weeks before having to call them to find out why my check had not cleared, three fucking times.

    Of course I got warning notices in the mean time.

    That there is one stupid sonabitch son.

  5. Credit Unions are "da Bomb". I was at our local branch and was talking with one of the desk jockeys and she said that we had had several hundred new members to sign up since the last banking snafu. I left one of the big robber baron banks several years ago to move to the CU and have saved a ton of money since. One of the biggest gripes folks have about credit unions is the lack of ATM's if your out of town without paying a big bank a fee. I always tell them Walmart is open 24 hrs a day and all you have to do is buy a candy bar and get $50 back on your debit card with no fee. Same goes for lots of other stores.

  6. My credit union is a member of a coalition of credit unions that share ATM's, I can go to almost any credit union anywhere in the country and withdraw money -- *AND* in almost every 7-11 in the country too. There is a 7-11 three blocks from my house that has a CO-OP ATM. How more convenient can it get? Oh yeah, there's even an iPhone app to tell me where the nearest cooperating ATM is.

    So where is this shortage of surcharge-free ATM's, again? :).

    Oh yeah, I've done that debit card get cash back at grocery store thingy a number of times too, but only because I'm in the grocery store buying other stuff and don't feel like going 100 yards further to the credit union branch's ATM. Yah, I can be a lazy penguin sometimes :).

    - Badtux the Happy Penguin

  7. I love my credit union, too. Every time I go in with what I perceive is some big PITA problem, they say "oh, no problem!" and fix it for me without a hassle. My experience with banks is that they'd need the manager's manager to come figure out the fix, and charge me up the wazoo to do it.

  8. Wow. My credit union is also part of that co-op thing. But I had no idea there were free ATMs in 7-11. I wonder if that is nationwide?

  9. Yes, the 7-11 deal is nationwide. See the CO-OP web site for more details. There are some 7-11's that had pre-existing exclusive deals with other networks that precluded them being on the CO-OP network also, but the vast majority of 7-11's nationwide have ATM's that are fee-free to CO-OP credit union members.


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