Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Las Vegas showgirl of Christmas trees

It has plumes. It has feathers. It has glittery decorations. What else has plumes, feathers, and glittery decorations? Hint:

Except this tree is such overkill that it makes Vegas showgirls look sedate by comparison. Just sayin' ;).

-- Badtux the Christmas Penguin


  1. It's very ... Bird of Paradise.

    It's the Carmen Miranda of Christmas trees.

  2. That is, indeed, one gorgeous tree.

    But I have to ask one question. Is that your tree, cause if it is, I would love to know how you keep the kitties out of it? :-)

  3. Lisa, no fruit. So it can't be the Carmen Miranda of Christmas Trees :).

    IG, no, decidedly *not* my tree, it is a relative's tree. My Christmas decorations consist of a Christmas wreath zip-tied to the radiator grill of my Jeep.

    NG, it's not that it's thin, it's that it's *tall*. The room it's in has 10 foot ceilings. The plumes at the top are brushing the ceiling. Hmm...

  4. Well, it was the "plumes at the top" that made me think of la Miranda.

    ,,, it needs some fruit!

  5. Vegas girl? Looks a but like Kylie Minogue IMHO (not the tree) :-)

  6. I haven't put up a christmas tree for many years.

  7. Not even for a showgirl, BBC?

    Oh, that was a clumsy erection joke. Yours was much more sublime.

  8. It's fabulous dahlink!

  9. Her name was Lola, she was a show girl...
    Happy Holidays to all, we survived another stinking year.

  10. Happy Holidays to all, we survived another stinking year.

    And face another stinking year, please tell me why I should be happy about this.

    Oh, never mind, I'm doing okay because I don't want what the rest of you do. So fuck ya, hahahahaha

  11. A Kylie Tree!

    Reminds me of the pohutukawa tree: The Christmas Tree of New Zealand.


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