Saturday, December 17, 2011

I need to learn how to read Korean

The English translation on the bag of potstickers said "Kimchi potstickers". I assumed they were stuffed with some pickled Korean vegetables. Instead, it's a tasty mix of some sort of meat with tasty Korean vegetables. What kind of meat? I dunno, I can't read the Korean labeling!

So anyhow, that was my supper tonight -- steamed "kimchi potstickers" and tasty Korean veggies. Yum!

-- Badtux the Potstickered Penguin


  1. sType that Korean into Google Translator and see what breed of dog you had for supper. Or, it might have been one of Fang's distant relatives. LOL

  2. Several times I enjoyed homemade Korean pot stickers. The most amazing thing and never have tasted anything close since.

    Ling Ling a type gotten here is better than what's had most places.

    How good were they and your dinner?

    BTW - There's a new cat on the block here.

  3. Dave: Turns out it was the meat of the mighty tofu beast. Yeppers, what I thought was meat was actually Korean-style textured bean curd!

    One Fly: I can get homemade pot stickers any time by going to my local Korean restaurants, but dropping $20 a meal at Korean restaurants is something I'll do once a month, maybe, at most. These were as good as anything I've eaten at a Korean restaurant, and the rest of the dinner was just as good, those Koreans do know how to whip up nice spicy veggies! I think I've seen the Ling Ling ones you're talking about at Costco, but never bought them because they came in a bag the size of a football lineman and I woulda never eaten them all before they got freezer burned.

    Time for coffee...

    - Badtux the Needs-caffeine Penguin

  4. Sometimes, it is best not to know...

  5. Comrade, that's my philosophy regarding tacos bought from street vendors in Baja ;). Way I figure, knowin' what was in those suckers would ruin my appetite for eating some yummy goodies.

    But in this case, since what I was eating was the flesh of the mighty Tofu Beast, it's safe to ask :).

    - Badtux the "Don't ask don't tell" Penguin

  6. I frequently buy veggie potstickers at the grocery. The bag has (in English) three sets of instructions for preparation. One is the traditional one. The one I use, though, is for boiling them, and it includes a line something like "be sure to use enough water that the product does not stick to the pot." WTF? !!?!?


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