Friday, December 02, 2011

And talking about bombs...

You remember seeing the story here about that bomb in the post office dropbox that got blown up by the San Jose Police Department? No? There's probably a good reason for that. I snorted at the time that story came out and said to one of my co-workers, "I bet somebody's Christmas gift just got turned into confetti." And sure enough... wait a couple of days, and we find out that turned out to be Calendars of Mass Timekeeping. Which, I suppose, are dangerous if you are a Time Lord, but otherwise... uhm, no. Yet we were being told that we had to poop our panties in fear? Really?

Which reminds me, do you remember when I posted that story about the Russian hackers getting into a SCADA system? Oh wait, I already posted the one where it turned out that the "hacker" was actually a contractor on vacation in Russia, and the SCADA system crashed because it was old and simply died of old age. But again we were supposed to be pooping our britches in fear.

Oh wait, I just saw a fly buzzing by. OMG, the terrorists are attacking! Run away, run away!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. OK, I can see right now I'm going have to turn your name in to Pepper Pike and have him give you a visit to demonstrate his "Vegetable Spray". Pass the pepper please!

  2. For a nation that's going around the world murdering people with flying killer robots, Americans are a shit-scared bunch. Yet few of them see the connection between "We kill people everywhere" and "People everywhere hate us."

  3. Wait Bukko! Are you suggesting that killing people isn't a good way to win their hearts and minds?

    LOL You crazy! ;)

  4. Well Lynne, those dead people just don't luv Americans. Because they're dead. Puts a damper on their ability to have feelings, ya know. And their relatives are often kinda steamed about the way things transpired. Except for the ex-spouses of the dead ones. And not even them, if they were counting on getting some kind of alimony payments.

  5. If we spent 1/10 of the money we spend on the military on foreign aid and programs like the peace corps, we could improve the health and welfare of *every* citizen of the planet. And I imagine that would do more to put us in a place of peace than our military spending does. This seems so obvious to me that I find myself puzzled when I encounter people who honestly think that it is better to spend money on fighter jets and bombs than it is to spend money on things like childhood vaccines and food aid.

  6. It just occurred to me that the people that say, "They hate us for our freedoms" are actually trying to solve that problem... by removing our freedoms.


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