Saturday, December 03, 2011

Lonely torch

A sad blue girl...

Devics, "Blue Miss Sunday" off their brilliant torch pop album If You Forget Me. Which nobody apparently likes other than me, given that most of the videos I see from it have under 5,000 views :(.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. I just got home from seeing a really fun band (Tartan Terrors) so I got home and looked them up on youtube and their most popular video has under 20k and most of the others are under 5k. *shrug* But they aren't a local band so someone had to have appreciated them and booked them for the festival/event I attended.

  2. Well, if you're talking about a Celtic band, yeah, that's sorta a limited audience. But Devics always had a wider appeal. Well, should have. Apparently didn't :(.

    - Badtux the Baffled Penguin

  3. Well, I liked it.

    I guess the issue is one of discovery. There are simply tons of great musicians out there and most of them aren't especially well known. It is the same for authors.

    The problem is that while there are gems, there are a lot of musical acts that, while worth seeing in a bar, just aren't that good. And there certainly are a lot of self published authors who are terrible. So how does one separate the stuff worth listening to from the stuff that isn't?

    I certainly like your taste so I appreciate you filtering stuff and posting here. I also have a lot of friends who like to drag me out to the bar even when I don't feel like it so I am exposed to a lot of music that way too. But ultimately, I know that there is a whole lot of good music that I never get to hear just because it doesn't happen to cross my path.


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