Monday, December 19, 2011

Idiot of the Week, War on Christmas edition

San Jose city manager Debra Figone, who said to city council members who wanted her to send a Holiday greeting to city workers thanking them for their hard work over the past year, "don't send an image of the City Hall Christmas tree, we try not to favor one religion over another."

Uhm, say what? The evergreen tree as a symbol of the rebirth of the year at winter solstice predates Christianity by centuries. WTF is with Figone having a problem with it? None of my Jewish friends have a problem with "holiday trees", harumph! The Holiday being celebrated is winter solstice, where the days start growing longer instead of growing shorter and the rebirth of the year is celebrated. The holiday long predates Christianity and is celebrated by most major religions on the planet in one form or another. Christianity decided to celebrate the birth of Christ (according to their scriptures actually born in summer while sheep were in the fields) on this holiday (birth of year = birth of Christ, dig?) but they're a johnny-come-lately on the scene.

-- Badtux the Baffled-by-ignorance Penguin


  1. Meretricious and a Happy New Year!

  2. the muslim kids next door get an Xmas tree and they loved my new "Frosty" lighted lawn ornament. Silly ppl and their "war on christmas"

  3. Some people think to much and understand too little.

    (I mean the city manager, not Nunya.)

  4. I was born Jewish and always had a tree for Christmas.
    WTF is so hard to understand about a whole seson of "celebration of life".
    It has little to really do with what building you may or may not have 'bent your knee in'.
    Merry and happy greetings to all, may you all have a full heart and a full belley this season!

  5. Why be baffled when you can roll on the floor laughing.

    Favorite story from Molly Ivins. Seems there was a lady in Texas politics, some mucky muck with the Dept of Education. Proudly announced to reporters that if English was good enough for Jesus it was good enough for the school children of Texas.

    now you know

  6. Besides it is really for Sol Invictis
    Any body seen a white bull?


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