Monday, September 12, 2011

A word of advice

If you're a government agency and the only way you can deal with protests is by engaging in tactics more familiar from tyrannical dictatorships in the Middle East, such as, say, cutting off cell phone service or arresting reporters... maybe you, and not the protesters, are the problem? BART or, rather, the BART Police Department, has officially jumped the shark. Arresting reporters simply is not how it's done in a democracy. Just sayin'.

-- Badtux the Sovok Penguin


  1. Sometimes they just have to destroy freedom in order to save it, eh?

  2. No no, Bukko, they're just trying to make sure the trains run on time. I seem to recall some dude name started with "M" that had the same obsession?

    - Badtux the F-word Penguin

  3. A pox on BART. Of course, I can say that since it doesn't actually come to the South San Francisco Bay Area, making it Somebody Else's Problem. And on the rare occasions when I do drive up to a BART station to take it into San Francisco or Oakland, I'm the Right Color (white) -- the cops will think twice before they shoot me.


  4. Ah, 'Tux, you mistakenly assume we live in a democracy. What we've had for at least the last thirty years is a corporate kleptocracy kept safe by an umbrella political idiocracy, with the kleptos getting more maniacal year after year, and the idiocrats more idiotic. None of this can end well for anyone.

  5. Phil, you appear to believe that it has ever been different. Remember all the rotten pork and wormy cracker provided to Union soldiers during the American Civil War by the kleptocracy, that killed more Union soldiers than the Confederacy did? Oh wait, I forget, that got written out of the history books, so of course you don't :).

    But in this case, yes, it's democracy. I bet that if you polled BART users, 90% of them side with the BART cops doing every repressive police state trick in the books.

    - Badtux the Misanthropic Penguin

  6. But in this case, yes, it's democracy. I bet that if you polled BART users, 90% of them side with the BART cops doing every repressive police state trick in the books.

    As a tourist from a place that seriously lacks public transportation, I've always really loved BART. But I do find it disturbing how so many in our society don't seem bothered when the police overstep their boundaries.

  7. *comment pre-deleted*

    (Since my words were basically calling you out on your double-standard, I thought I'd save ya the trouble and just delete it myself)

  8. Oh my, aren't you the drama queen tonight. You invented a strawman argument, putting words into my mouth that I never said, then get upset that I simply delete it rather than joust your strawman? Oh puh-LEEZE. You can take your faux outrage and stuff it up your cloaca.

    - Badtux the Vicious Penguin


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