Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thought for the day

Taxes are the price we pay for civilization.

-- Badtux the Shorter Penguin
Funny how an entire long diatribe of mine can be summarized in one sentence, eh?


  1. That explains why the uncivilized don't want to pay taxes.

  2. This is great minds thinking alike-I've been say the same for years.

  3. Vilstef, I have no idea how this ended up posted to the blog, it was originally a coda to an article a couple years ago about the deadbeat problem in paying for common infrastructure such as the parking lot of a townhouse complex (the problem the Libertarians refuse to examine). I was doing housecleaning (blog-cleaning?) last night, somehow this percolated to the top.

    Jerry, yep.

    - Badtux the Blog-cleaning Penguin

  4. I was doing housecleaning (blog-cleaning?) last night, somehow this percolated to the top.

    I'm glad it did. Occasionally a sound-byte comes along that actually does summarize the situation well; you've got one here.

  5. Beat you by a whole month, though I had to borrow the idea, third hand.

    You can't blame this one on the 3-time-zone difference.


  6. This post was originally from 2009 and while I was cleaning tags I somehow managed to bump it yesterday. So no, you don't get props for the inspiration, Jzb :).


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