Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Comcast is composting again tonight. Says Comcast via their web site, "There is a known technical issue in your area. Technicians are working toward a resolution. " So I'm on my backup dialup. Siiiigh!

Comcast sucks. What else is new.

- Badtux the Slow Penguin


  1. 50 year old phone lines that AT&T has absolutely no intention of upgrading anytime in my lifespan.

    Just sayin ;).

    - Badtux the DSL-free Penguin

  2. I run Comcrap with a DSL backup. I stopped calling Comcrap every month that the Internet dropped, and I figure the $15 extra I pay CenturyLink for a backup DSL connection is worth the price of NOT having to deal with someone on the Comcast Abuse line.

    Before I went with the backup, I always got stuck on the Comcrap line listening to the "helpful" advice that told me I could save time and trouble by just going to www.comcast.com to troubleshoot. Apparently, on some magic computers you can actually get to Comcrap online even if you have no internet connection... duh.

  3. My backup connection is my iPhone with tethering, which runs at dialup speeds but (shrug). What can you do? I can't get DSL, so ...

    - Badtux the "1st world country? HAH!" Penguin

  4. Ironically, my Comcrap connection crapped out just after posting my comment to you.

    I think they are watching me...


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